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Health and Safety Visit: Good for all

Today our school had it’s Annual Health and Safety visit as is the practice in YRDSB. These visits help us to identify any health and safety concerns as a school, review our practices and make adjustments to our work as needed. I thank our staff, particularly our caretakers, who use daily diligence to help make our school a safe place.

I also thank our parents and community members who have spoken to me at times about concerns they have had. The more we work collaboratively around health and safety issues the better off we will all be. When we know of issues promptly we can take corrective actions as needed and so your feedback is greatly appreciated.

As the winter season is now well underway, we continue to monitor our parking lot situation realising that more families are dropping off their children in the mornings and picking them up in the afternoon. We continue to need the community’s help with the following safety protocols:

– Please ensure the drop off zone (south and east ends of the parking lot) continues to move. If cars stop and park, it causes traffic to back up.

– If you want to walk your child into school please park in the parking lot in designated parking spots. Parking in front of other cars, in fire zones or in the curbed areas is unsafe and/or illegal.

– The caretaker’s entrance at the east side of the school is not a designated parking area. Only caretaking staff and board delivery personnel use this entrance as they are required to.

Finally, we remind everyone about proper footwear for the winter season. We recommend boots with proper traction during the winter months for anyone coming onto our property as these help reduce slips, trip and falls at our school. We also recommend using the designated plowed pathways and front entrance when coming to our school during the instructional day.

Please continue to speak to us about any concerns you have or suggestions you may have that will help make our school a healthy and safe place for everyone.


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