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Feedback that counts

Congratulations to our boys basketball team who scored first place overall in the local tournament today and earned a spot in the upcoming area tournament. They did not win every game. What they did is work hard as a team and got better with each game throughout the day. It was impressive to watch. So too, was the work of the coaches. I stood close to them and the team when they called time outs and yet could barely hear what they said to each other. The effect of the feedback became evident as the games progressed period after period. The feedback from the coaches to the students was calm, quiet and focussed, but most of all it was impactful. Feedback to our students needs to be “just in time” and suited to the learner. I thank the coaches for modelling this today. Yes, “wins” are wonderful, but so too is the impact of our work as coaches for learning in athletics, healthy living choices and in all the work we do at our school.

Well done to our teams; well done to our coaches.

Go Jackson go!


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