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I want to thank our intermediate team.

Today they hosted a session in the “Assessment for Learning” project with another school. As a team of a dozen people we met together at our school to think about math. The day was structured to allow us to co plan a lesson based on the California Frog Jumping Contest which we then delivered in the classroom. The lesson explored algebraic relationships based on frog jumps and steps. Some of us taught the lesson, while others of us observed student conversations, problem solving and evidence of learning. The students did a wonderful job inviting us in and letting us be part of the activity. They were so focussed and collaborative throughout the day. They didn’t let a large group of visitors stop them in sharing their ideas. I applaud their maturity.

We then had a chance to see what the students discovered through the lesson in work samples. In the afternoon, we met again as a whole class to share the results and think about next steps. Another teacher from another school who has been part of the project for some time now, joined us and worked with us in the debrief.

It was a day of co learning about math, mathematical concepts and the teaching of mathematics.

We are one of several schools in our board that have been invited to this project funded by the Ministry of Education. It was wonderful to be part of the learning today and I look forward to more sessions planned for the coming months.

 Image used with permission under Creative Commons


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