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New frontiers for new learning


With one week completed in our school year, I find myself reflecting on just what it takes to launch a school year. This past week we saw the culmination of a lot of time, energy, planning and focus from our staff. As I walked the school grounds before and after school last week we saw many things, including:

  •  smiles
  • welcomes to new families and students
  • questions
  • handshakes
  • hugs
  • and yes, a few tears from our JK students who started their first days

We have planned, collaboratively, our curricular programs for the year. We have ordered our supplies and prepared our learning spaces. However, what is most interesting, most fascinating to watch, is us. Our interactions together really drove the week.

Our work is indeed, what is essentially human.

I thank all of our staff for their work. I thank our parents, so many who came during our first week, to help us launch the year as well. Your work, reassurance with your children, hope, optimism, feedback and faith in us makes the world of difference. Our students have started their work in earnest. They have already come to school ready to learn and achieve. This week we will meet with all divisions to reviews expectations for the year.

Now, it is about the journey.

Join us this year.

Join us September 26th at 7 p.m in our library and be part of our school council whether formally or informally. Join us on Wednesday October 5th starting at 6:30 p.m. at our Meet the Teacher Evening.

Together, we will make this year’s journey a great one.


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