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School organization & Meet the Teacher Evening

Each year, we organize our school into specific classes and attempt to achieve many goals in the best interest of our learners. Our director Ken Thurston, has also asked that we share the following with our community:

“As you may know, the Government of Ontario requires all school boards in Ontario to have 20 or fewer students in 90% of primary classes (JK to Grade 3); up to 10% of primary classes may have up to 23 students. At the same time, we are required to show a reduction in the average size of Grade 4-8 classes across our Board. Early Learning Kindergarten programs have approximately 26 students, with one teacher and one designated early childhood educator in each class. Staff have worked diligently to organize classes to provide the best program for each child and to comply with the maximum class size requirements. Please note however that there may be changes prior to September 23, 2011 (the date on which class sizes will be reported to the Ministry of Education).”

I want to let our community know that our school will not require any significant changes to our school organization at this point in time. A few students have had to change classes to help us meet the requirements outlined above and those families have been contacted. We appreciate everyone’s understanding with these adjustments.

I also appreciate the questions students and parents have asked us over the last few weeks and thank everyone for their support in helping us begin another school year so successfully.

We want to also take this opportunity to invite you to our Meet the Teacher Evening. It will take place on Wednesday October 5, 2011 from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. We look forward to meeting all our families that evening.

Finally, just a reminder to our families that there is no school for students tomorrow during the P.A day.

Thank you again for your work with us thus far for the 2011/2012 school year.


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