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Today, a parent wrote a letter to me as follows:

“Since school began, it has come up on several occasions in conversations with other parents about how wonderful the outside of our school looks. So many parents have mentioned how impressed they are with the appearance of our school.  Several  parents said, “it so nice to see caretakers outside in the morning looking after our school”.  Our school has a neat and tidy appearance – everything from the clean windows to the trimming around the school grounds to the concern for our corner flower garden.  It is obvious that the caretaking staff takes great pride and care  in looking after our school. On behalf of the parents, I would like to extend a big thank you to the caretaking staff for all their hard work. We really appreciate it.”

(shared here with permission of the author)

First off, please know that we very much appreciate such feedback.

Our team at Lorna Jackson includes many staff with many different job descriptions and responsibilities. However, no matter what the role, I truly believe all of the varied work, skills, experiences and backgrounds of the individual on that team can all impact student achievement, success and well-being. Our care taking team are indeed key to all three of those goals. Our Lead Caretaker shared his vision for the year with myself and his team last Friday afternoon. Throughout the discussions, I reflected on how the vision went beyond just the physical plant and spoke to what was best for students, staff and our community.

Last week, I appreciated the opportunity to hear the team’s vision planning.

Tonight, our school appreciates receiving feedback from our community that also acknowledges it.


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