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Hats, Mitts, Scarves and Socks Donation Drive has started

In December, our school began a donation drive for a local community shelter.

We are pleased to offer this update from some of our students:

“This year’s Hats, Mitts and Scarves, Drive has been a HUGE success. In addition to the usual hats, mitts and scarves, we added socks to this year’s drive. We received over 500 donations, which is an amazing improvement from last year’s 120 donations. There were 250 donations in socks alone. We had a great time collecting these donations with the hope that we could make a difference in the lives of many families in need! Thanks to everyone who donated. Your donations will be greatly appreciated. “

In addition, our staff donated over 100 items as well. We appreciate one of our staff members delivering the items to Newmarket this week.  I thank the students, staff and parents who helped make this donation drive such a success. Bravo to all!

From December 2011


Once again, Lorna Jackson is starting up the Hats, Mitts, and Scarves Drive. In addition to hats, mitts, and scarves, we were requested from Leeder Place, the only family shelter in York Region, to donate socks this year! These donations must be brand new with tags. Your kind donations will be hung on the tree outside the office. Donations will be delivered to Leeder Place in mid-January.

Please donate!

Together with your donations we can help families in need this holiday season.

I want to thank the students, staff and community for their donations so far in support of the Blue Doors Shelters agency. This is a wonderful way for our community to give back to the larger community in York Region.


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