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New frontiers for new learning

New frontiers for New Learning 2.012

Welcome back and thank you for following our blog.

Just over one year ago, we began to use this social medium and to assess it’s impact on school and home communications. At the time, we set out on an exploration rather than a set roadmap. In the past year we have achieved a lot. Feedback on the blog has been very positive. More and more of our community, both local and abroad, has followed our postings. We have incorporated ideas from you (ex. the School calendar) to improve our communications. We have celebrated a lot in our school and local community.

With the new year upon us, many people are considering new year’s resolutions. The Toronto Star had an interesting twist on this notion recently with a focus on new year’s intentions. What are some of our intentions this year with our blog? Our school will certainly continue to encourage participation of all families. We appreciate those of you who have let other families know who may not have seen our blog to visit. A definite intention is to have 100% of our school’s families following the blog either through the e-mail subscription (enter your e-mail in the subscription box on the right hand menu bar), RRS feed or visiting at their convenience. Further, an intention for us is to further increase the participation of the community in our blog.  How can we continue to move our blog from being solely transmissive in nature (school –> community) to more interactive (school <–> community)?

To that end, here’s a sentence starter that we welcome your thoughts on whether you are a student, a parent or a staff member at our school:

Complete the sentence using the Leave a Comment feature…

The most important skill our school can teach a student in 2012 is _____________.

Here’s to a great 2.012!

Photo used with permission under Creative Commons


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