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Sea of Pink

Lorna Jackson P.S. was tickled pink on December 23, 2011. Grade 5 students were studying conflict management and anti-bullying strategies in their health class when they learned about the Sea of Pink campaign. This campaign began with two high school students in Nova Scotia standing up against bullying. A fellow student was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. The students convinced over 50 other students to wear pink to school the next day in order to make a point. Students at Lorna Jackson P.S. put on skits, made school announcements and created posters to promote the importance of standing up to bullies. At a school assembly, students, staff and visitors were decked out in pink attire – from pink shirts to pink shoes and even pink feather boas. While watching anti-bullying presentations, videos and dances, the Lorna Jackson school community learned the importance of inclusivity and how each person can make a difference to create a bullying-free school environment.

Thanks to some junior students for contributing this article.Their initiative aligned well to our School Improvement Plan goals around equity and inclusivity.


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