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Eco Team

Thank you to our first student blogger for this new article:

The 20-30 members of the Eco team have made a huge difference to our school, Lorna Jackson P.S. since October 2011. They are working on a project that is guaranteed to help our school become more eco friendly. This project of theirs shows a lot of responsibility and initiative. Everyday at lunch recess 2 students go to a classroom and check if the recycling is in the recycling bin and if the garbage is in the garbage can. Whichever class has the garbage and recycling in the proper bins the most days, gets the golden recycling bin in the next assembly that happen at the end of each month. Every month the golden recycling bin is handed to a different class. There’s also another project they’re working on about lights. It’s the same process except this time they check if the lights are off if no one’s using them or if they turned off at least one light. So far they’re doing a great job with checking the classrooms every day. The Eco team is hoping to keep up the good work all throughout the year. You can also help out by doing your best to put the garbage and recycling in the right bin. GO ECO TEAM!!!

Permission to publish obtained by parents


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