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Celebrating our work

It has been an exciting time at Lorna Jackson. Some highlights include:

– A wonderful Good News Assembly on Wednesday which celebrated poets, artists, Eco initiatives and character education at our school

– Many of our grade teams met for professional learning and planning time this week to co develop units we will explore second term. I enjoyed the opportunity to sit in on the sessions to hear professional dialogue on student inquiry and critical thinking opportunities. In addition some of our staff are exploring a new resource recently published called Natural Curiosity as a book study that also aligns to this work.

– We are pleased to have a Student Work Study Teacher join our team at Lorna Jackson. The teacher works with a few different schools with a focus on student work in language and mathematics.

– Our school’s Positive Climates for Learning Committee has been meeting and are currently planning some opportunities to explore Safe and Supportive Schools in the coming weeks.

– Our Healthy School’s Committee Snack program has been met with much excitement and appreciation.

– Tomorrow students have a chance to show their school spirit with our Sports’ Jersey Day celebration. Home made jerseys count! Here is a chance for us to show our creative side.

– Next Tuesday we will enjoy our School Council Dance-A-Thon for students and staff. Sponsor envelopes went home last week and students can now bring in any donations to the school council. We thank the council for this fundraiser to support literacy and mathematics at our school.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work at making all of this happen.


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