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Feedback sought on our agenda pages

As a school, there are many things that define who we are as an organization, as a community and define the work we do collectively. Our students’ agendas contain pages developed by the school several years ago. It is important for us to review these pages to ensure they continue to best reflect our work and our needs as a community. We also need to ensure the expectations and information are clear for all students, staff and parents.

Therefore, we need and welcome your feedback.

As part of our board’s Homework policy, schools are asked to review it’s own homework policy every two years. Our own school policy resides in your child’s agenda pages on page 8. Please take time to review the policy and offer us feedback.

Our school’s dress code (on page 2) is another area we need feedback on from students, staff and parents from time to time within the parameters of our board’s Dress Code policy.

Further, we would also like your feedback on the agenda pages as a whole.

As always, we welcome your feedback here. However, feedback may always be sent directly to the principal or anonymously via our feedback folder located on our community board at the front entrance of the school.


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