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New frontiers for new learning

To us

We are set.
I want to thank our staff that includes teachers, Designated Early Childhood Educators, Educational Assistants, our secretarial staff and our care taking staff who have been in our school this week preparing for the start of our new school year on September 4, 2012. We look forward to seeing everyone on our school yard starting at 8:30 a.m. In the event of rain, we will meet inside in our gym. Staff will have class lists ready that morning to inform students of their class placements. We welcome over 80 new students and their families to our school.

We return to refocus on the goals we have set out in our School Improvement Plan. We look forward to a continued focus in reading and mathematics. We will continue our planning and implementing of rich learning opportunities for our students that promote critical thinking through inquiry. We will renew our efforts to support all of our learners through a shared belief that they can all achieve given the right time, support and instruction. We will continue to look for opportunities to engage all of our learners both inside and outside of the classroom. You are a vital part of our work and we welcome your participation in our journey during this school year.

Our work begins in earnest on Tuesday. I truly believe that our work is the most important we can do. I do believe that if each of us, no matter what our background, our experiences, our role, or our context, do our work really well, do it right, that we will make a difference in the life of a child, of our students, of a school and of our community.

Ultimately, we can can make a difference for our society.

This may sound dramatic, but if we think about, is there anything more important that the children of our communities and the way we guide them, inspire them, teach them?

So, here’s to all of us.

Here’s to a wonderful 2012/2013 school year.

Mr. Collins


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