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Safety Week

The week of October 1-5 2012 is Safety Week across our board. The purpose of this week is to review procedures related to safe schools, student and staff safety. During the week, we will participate in some required safety drills:

Lockdown drill

In 2010, the Ministry of Education directed all school boards to develop Lockdown procedures. These drills help us review our collective response to a threat to the school. While a sensitive topic, and drill, know that our staff have been preparing students in developmental and age appropriate ways.

Fire Drill

The Fire Code requires schools to practice fire drills at least six times a year. The drill allows us to review safety measures and assess our school’s evacuation procedures.We also work with our local fire department at times, to review our plan and receive their feedback.

Hold and Secure drill

This drill helps us prepare should we ever need to implement protective measures applied in school buildings under circumstances of security concern due to threats to school occupants from events occurring near the school. All exterior doors are locked. The regular activities in the school continue. Access to and exit from the school are controlled. Again, our board has a procedure related to this protective measure.

The week also allows us to review our health and safety protocols in place at the school.This is an ideal time to remind all visitors to our school that they must report to the office and sign in. We understand that sometimes parents may want to talk with staff in their classrooms, however we ask this not occur to ensure our building remains as safe as it can be. Our staff have been asked to direct anyone without a visitor’s badge to the main office. We thank all of our community members for adhering to the sign in procedures at our school.

Finally, we appreciate our community’s help in communicating with us whenever you have a question or concern.

Our collective vigilance helps make our school community a safer one.


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