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SIP: Digital Literacy

I want to commend our School Council. Last night, we had the opportunity to review our 2011/2012 School Improvement Plan. Over the next month, we will revisit our plan and finalize the goals we establish for this school year. I will share out key areas of our plan with you. One focus area will be digital literacy. Over the last two years, through the support of our school council, the Blueprints for Change initiative and our individual school budget, we have purchased over $40 000 worth of technology. Last night, school council again supported a cost sharing initiative which will allow us to purchase 15 more netbooks, an IRover interactive whiteboard for our FDK programs, docucams and additional IPads. By December, each classroom will have a dedicated Technology cart with an LCD projector, a netbook computer and a Docucam. Our Learning Commons now houses 25 IPads for use within the Commons and classrooms. We have created two technology carts with netbooks for each floor for classes to sign out and use. Finally, we have created a Macbook Mini Lab within our Learning Commons for additional multimedia work. We now have a great infrastructure in place to support digital literacy throughout the entire school. However, we know that the technology alone will not improve student achievement. Indeed, our work is to find ways for staff and students to use technology to enhance learning and to support critical thinking and inquiry in our classrooms. These are exciting times. Our School Plan will outline ways we will look to incorporate technology into our classroom programs to support digital literacy across the curriculum.


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  1. Mr. Collins - Principal LJPS August 9, 2013 at 10:17 am

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    Over the next few weeks, we will highlight some of our work from the 2012/2013 school year. Here is a post from last fall looking at digital literacy at our school.

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