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Earth Hour

officelightsoffToday, we celebrated Earth Hour both as a school and as a school board. Our Director Ken Thurston shared his own thoughts today that we welcome you to read. Ken reminds us of our efforts as a board in the area of environmental awareness and action. We had out lights off (other than for safety) from 12:30 to 1:30. We enjoyed the opportunity to let the sunshine pour in our windows and celebrate our lunch hour in natural light. Over the past year, we are proud of the work we have done as a school. We must remember that our actions can be relatively simple such as:

– Our classes using GOOS paper – Good on One side paper for reusing. We love how our office staff do this for our fax machine paper.


Recycled materials can easily be used for art activities or inquiries in class. Here is one example of a classroom that has organized various materials for classroom use all of which were donated or recycled items.


We also have larger scale initiatives to support our work such as our Waste Reduction Plan that each YRDSB school revisits on a yearly basis. We estimate that this blog itself saves us around 15000 sheets of paper a year. Most importantly, our students have taken the lead with so many initiatives through our Eco Team.

Finally, we encourage your families to take part this week. Vaughan is hosting it’s own Earth Hour celebrations tomorrow.

earthhourPlease share your stories and efforts to support our environment and our world.


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