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We are happy to have the LJPS student press underway. Student reports have researched different topics and written articles to post here on our blog. We thank Ms. Bianchi for coordinating the group and to the students’ for their voice. Watch for ongoing articles throughout this term. Here are some reflections on our work in late March and early April.

Lorna Jackson Starts it’s OWN March Madness  Tournament


As of Monday, March 25th, 2013, the students of Mrs. Heap’s seventh grade class began a ‘’March Madness’’ tournament as one of their final tasks in their basketball unit. Based on the NBA tournament of the same name, which started on March 19th 2013 and ended on April 8th 2013. Seventh, eight and primary Phys. Ed teacher Mr. Shortill took four of the teams participating in the event names and assigned each group a different name.

The four group names and pinny colours are; North Carolina in red, Michigan in yellow, Duke in blue and black, and Kentucky with no pinnies. Mr. Shortill stated that he would only call out obvious fouls during games and let little ones slip because some students aren’t as experienced as others. The main purpose of the tournament is that students would compete against one another for a shot at the Shortill Cup; a trophy awarded to whichever team wins the finals in a tournament. The cup would be evenly distributed to each team member. This tournament also gives Mr. Shortill the opportunity to evaluate students based on their basketball skills, knowledge and participation making it a win-win situation for both sides of the story.

The team schedules and matches were posted on the gym wall with the post games, soon adding the semi-finals and finals. The first match in the Round Robin game was between Duke and North Carolina, ending with Duke winning 4-0. The second round, with Michigan versus Kentucky ended in Kentucky winning 0-4. Next gym class, the round robin second and third games were combined to form one long game. The first two matches had North Carolina and Kentucky going head to head against each other to have Kentucky win in the end by a close shave; 6-8 and Duke to win over Michigan by 6-0 in the second match. In the second round, Kentucky went up against Duke, with Duke winning by 2-5. North Carolina went against Michigan in the next round and won by 2-0. The results of the Round Robin were calculated and here are the scores; Duke in first place, Kentucky in second, North Carolina in third and Michigan in last place. However Mr. Shortill said to consider the Round Robin games as ‘’practice’’ and how the semi-finals and finals determined our final ranking.

Later on, in the semi-finals the matches were; Duke vs. Michigan, which ended in Duke winning and moving on to the finals, leaving Michigan to battle for third place. The next match was between North Carolina and Kentucky, in which Kentucky won and advanced to the finals to verse Duke head to head for first place, making North Carolina Michigan’s opponents for third place. The first match was for third place in which Michigan won. This surprised everyone because Michigan had been on a losing strike and lost all their matches. This just goes to show everyone that anything is possible and every member of Michigan can confirm that. The next match was quite intense, having ties throughout the progress of the game. Toward the last few minutes, everyone played to the best of their abilities. However in the end the team that won the Shortill cup was none other then Duke. Embracing in a group victory dance, Duke was overjoyed to have won the Shortill cup in the end after weeks of games and matches.  However there was no envy towards any team and there was a great deal of sportsmanship as well.  In the end, everyone left the gym with smiles on their faces, unable to wait for the next tournament, as everyone knew that winning isn’t everything and there was always next time.

March Movie Night

My school just had a movie night in March. This night began by Mr. Collins posting 3 movie choices to vote for. The movies were: Hotel of Transavania, The Lorax, and Wreak it Ralph. Mr. Collins tallied the votes and Wreck It Ralph won! Almost the entire school voted. The movie night was on March 28 2013. It was a great success!  They were also selling popcorn and water for just $1.oo.  Everyone had a blast and I think everyone really enjoyed the movie. I want to say a big thanks to you people who voted for Wreak It Ralph and for those who showed their spirit. Let’s keep the good times coming Lorna Jackson Public School!



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