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Student press: Girls’ Club

We thank our student press team for this update:

There is a new club at school for girls in grade 5&6. Actually, this club is not new because we had it at the beginning of the year but we took a little break and are back up and running. The club has 27 girls which is “a very good turn- out” according to Ms. Bianchi, the founder of the group. Ms. Bianchi has high hopes for the group and wants it to be an anti-bullying and self-esteem building organization. Ms. Bianchi started the girls group after she heard about cases in the media and wanted to discuss issues like self-image, self-esteem, the media and how girls view themselves and others at Lorna Jackson. We looked at one statement that “girl’s typically bully and are pressured in different ways than boys are. Girls use relationships and self-image as opposed to overt aggression when they are unhappy with their peers.”

The name chosen for the Group is: We Are Girls Corporation (Corp.). And I am proud to say that I am part of this organization! Look out for Girls Corporation campaigns and initiatives at Lorna Jackson and beyond!


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