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Reflecting on the work of our school council

Last night, our school council met for the final time for this school year. The last meeting provided us with an opportunity to reflect on our collective work and to celebrate success. Our council has much to be proud of this year. I am always impressed with how school council provides opportunities for families to come together. Our council has been a key partner in our art murals this year developed in our front foyer and in our Learning Commons.  I thank them for their charitable work with our local community. I appreciate their commitment to the “big picture” at our school.  Finally, how wonderful it has been for Elder’s Mills parents to already meet some of our parents thanks to our council’s support. We also look forward to their presence next week for our JK/SK student orientation visits.

No doubt, fundraising is an area that many people consider to be the role of school councils. The recent People for Education report looks at fundraising in schools this year. However, it is very important to acknowledge the work of the council across many aspects of our collective work. When they do support our work through their fundraising, I applaud how they always consider our school improvement plan. In the fall, I blogged about the impact of fundraising on our school improvement plan, specifically in the area of digital literacy. Council has also provided funding for the arts, literacy, our physical and health education programs, our learning commons and our Full Day Kindergarten program for which we are most grateful.

This blog post is a snapshot of the work our council does. I commend all members for their hard work this year. I would like to extend appreciation personally to our co-chairs Mrs Ubriaco and Mrs Turpin- Smith. I truly value their partnership with our school, their efforts to support student learning and their collaboration. They have also been most gracious whenever I call upon them to say a few words, often unexpectedly, at school assemblies.

As our council is a most diligent group, they have already set a tentative date for our first meeting next school year of Thursday September 19, 2013.

We look forward to our continued work together.

Please help me in congratulating council on another fine year over the closing weeks of this school year.

Mr. Collins


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