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On the doorstep of our school touchstone

We are most excited about tomorrow.

Tomorrow afternoon we welcome students from Elder’s Mills P.S to our school to meet us and help them learn more about our school. This will follow a morning session working with grade 7s from Elder’s and Lorna Jackson P.S to help draft our school touchstone. Over the past month we have collected data from our students, our staff and from our community. Our touchstone will build on our ongoing focus on Character Traits, equity and inclusivity.

Developing a common language of character and identifying the values and goals of a school community solidifies a school’s character initiative.  When everyone — students, staff and parents– use the same words to describe behaviours and expectations, talking about how we interact becomes easier.   A touchstone is a document which outlines these values, goals and behaviours.

Going through this process of identifying these core values unites a community around the way we believe people should behave, interact, and be.

Tomorrow, the exciting work begins on capturing what we value in our touchstone.

We can’t wait to share the results.

Mr. Collins


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