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touchstoneworkYesterday was a wonderful day for our school.

Elder’s Mills’ students were able to visit our school yesterday afternoon. We thank our school council who hosted a Frozen Yogurt treat for our visitors and helped students add leaves to our school mural. Students also had the opportunity to visit classrooms and see our school. We sense the students felt welcomed and thank them for their enthusiasm.

We were also able to welcome Ms Bongard who visited us. Ms Bongard will join our team as Vice Principal next September.

Our day began with a grade 7 writing team working in our Learning Commons with Mr. Birenbaum, Vice Principal of Forest Run P.S, on the creation of our school touchstone. We extend a very big thank you to Mr. Birenbaum for his passion for creating touchstones and his amazing facilitation skills. We are most grateful.

The team was composed of students from both Elder’s Mills and Lorna Jackson. Throughout the morning, the team considered touchstones from different schools and the overall purpose of having one. Students then analyzed data that has been collected over the past month from students, staff and parents. From this data, they found common themes that then helped them to craft the phrases of the touchstone. It took the team just over two hours to complete our touchstone thanks to their incredible focus and engagement. The process itself taught me a lot about who are students are, what matters to them, what they themselves value and how they see school. The end result is awesome.

Our grand reveal will come soon, but for now… how about sample line from our newly drafted touchstone:

….we are dedicated to our learning as it paints the picture that is our future….


It is days like these that make us that really make us smile and show us what we are really all about.

Mr. Collins


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