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mountain“Aspiring to become the best we can be” is a line from our newly launched school touchstone. Our first week of school is now complete. This week was very much an opportunity to reflect on our aspirations for the year.

What did it look like?

It was visible, everywhere:

– Junior kindergarten students joining us for the first time beginning their journey, with excitement, curiosity and the occasional tear aspiring to greatness with their first steps of independence in school.

– Classrooms building communities of learners and thinkers; aspiring for collaborative groups and spaces for learning.

– Students attending our school for the first time, with little or no English language, working hard from day one. Welcome.

– Elder’s Mills community joining us, wondering what that transition would be like and certainly with aspirations in mind. Today, I say honestly, having walked our halls, our classrooms, our playground and our pathways that we very much feel whole, as one.

– Staff returning having learned, planned, prepared and aspiring to be the best they can be in their work each day.

We know too that as parents and guardians you have aspirations for your children. We do too.

Yesterday during our student assemblies, I asked students what their “mountain top moment” would be this year? What would they climb high to achieve even if it seemed far away? What would they aspire to be?

This weekend, please ask your child about their aspirations for this school year. We look forward to hearing back about their thoughts.

On behalf of the school community, thank you all for a wonderful, inspiring, first week.


Mr. Collins


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