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2012/2013 EQAO Results

eqaoAt tomorrow night’s School Council meeting, we will share our school’s results from the 2012/2013 EQAO assessments that our grade 3 and 6 students participated in last May. Our results were released publicly today.

We will use EQAO assessment data as an additional source of information to support the improvement of all of our students’ learning. It is important that we look at student achievement holistically to help inform our JK-8 School Improvement Plan. As a school we look for sustained growth in achievement over time by using multiple examples of student learning. Our grade teams will also assess the individual student reports (to be sent home shortly to parents of grade four and seven students) for specific areas of improvement.

In 2011, our junior students achieved their best results in the school’s history in both reading and writing. Last spring, they continued that success. This year, I am pleased to share that our primary students have now achieved their best results in both reading and writing in the history of the school. Of particular note, our primary division has made steady gains in reading over the past 5 years.

In grade 3, the following students met or exceeded the provincial standard (levels 3 or 4)

Reading – 80%

Writing – 84%

Mathematics – 68%

In grade 6, the following students met or exceeded the provincial standard (levels 3 or 4)

Reading – 81%

Writing – 84%

Mathematics – 59%

Our staff will examine the results closely to look for areas of improvement, particularly in numeracy. The results offer one snapshot of our students’ achievement, however ongoing classroom assessment by our staff are most important in determining the success of all of our students.

Please join us tomorrow night at 7 p.m. as we begin the discussions around this year’s School Improvement Plan.


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