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Last night, our school hosted it’s Meet the Staff night. Students, staff and parents came together to meet, share and celebrate. The evening was a wonderful success. The atmosphere was enthusiastic, supportive and positive. Last night was the first opportunity this year for us to gather as a community to share and learn. At the beginning of any school year lots happens, but one of the most important things that happens is the act of us coming together and working together. As out touchstone says “We are unique individuals working collaboratively, and working together is a process” We want to thank everyone for their hard work at launching our school year in such a successful way.

We know that when parents and guardians have an active role in their children’s education student achievement increases. You can support our work in many ways including: talking to your child about their day at school, meeting with teachers and our staff,   volunteering for field trips and school activities, participating on our school council, making sure there is a quiet place set aside to do homework and helping with homework. When it comes to your child, everything counts, everything matters. We welcome your partnership with us.

Finally, many of you have expressed gratitude and appreciation to us since the start of the school year including last night. Please know how much this means to us. As we engage in our work, we often pause to reflect on the impact we are having or making. Your feedback helps us do our work even better.

I look forward to sharing some future opportunities for you to be involved in our school soon.

Mr. Collins


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