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Our caretaking team

Last week, I wrote about the work of our Educational Assistants. This week, I wanted to take time to highlight the work of our caretaking team. Our Lead caretaker is Mr. Scorziello who works with Mr. Scavello and Mr. Ryan on the team. Caretakers are also members of our board’s Plant Services team. Our caretakers are important members of our school community. Their work in our building is multilayered and includes:

  • contributing and supporting education, learning and environmental initiatives;
  • general cleaning and preventative maintenance;
  • performing legislated and required inspections;
  • monitoring the efficient operations of building and mechanical components;
  • sharing relevant skills and experiences with students.

Over the past few years, our caretaking team has also been important participants on our school’s Eco Team. We appreciate the work they do inside and outside of our school. We also enjoy their participation each month to present the Golden Garbage Can Award at our Good News Assemblies.

If you haven’t had a chance to meet our caretakers yet, please do so the next time you are at our school.

Mr. Collins


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