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Safe Arrivals Program

Each morning, our school is required to complete attendance for each class. If a child is absent we must confirm with the child’s parents the reason for absence from school. If your child is absent from school, or significantly late, you must call 905-893-2829 and dial 1 to leave a message. Our secretarial staff then check the voice mail message system to confirm absences recorded by our teachers. Some general guidelines when leaving a message include:

1)      Please do call if your child is absent or planning to arrive late to school.  Our school starts at 8:45 a.m so any time after that the student is late and a call is required.

2)      If your child is away please ensure the school office is aware.  There may be times when notes in the agenda are not received promptly. We appreciate information going to our staff, but a call in to our office is required so the office staff can confirm absences.

3)      When you call, please spell the first, last name and also leave the name of the child’s teacher.

4)      Please call 905-893-2829 and dial 1 to leave a message. Leaving information in staff’s personal voice mail may not be received in time for the start of classes.

5)      The legal parent of the child absent must call in as opposed to a friend, a sibling or neighbor relaying the information to us.

6)      When dropping off your child during the school day please make sure you sign in your child in the green binder on the front counter.

Please note that if we are unable to verify where a student is, we must follow Board policy and procedure #665: “if all contact and emergency number have been tried and a student is still deemed to be absent without explanation, contact York Regional Police immediately;”.

We appreciate your help in supporting the Safe Arrivals program.

Decisions to close our schools rest with the York Region District School Board using the Extreme Weather guidelines and policy which states “The York Region District School Board is committed to having each school within the Region open every instructional day”. As such, it is important students attend school regularly and punctually each and every day.


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