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Three Years

This week, our school blog celebrates it’s third year anniversary. Three years ago, we started this blog to see if it could make a difference in the work we did within our school and with your as partners with us. We have lots to celebrate thanks to everyone’s participation, readership and contributions through the years.

Here are our top 20 most viewed sections of our blog based on individual visits over the past year:

Home page / Archives 11,084
School Calendar 1,060
Start Here 645
Grade 3 Gifted Screening 453
Our School Touchstone 368
Arts 281
Feedback for the Principal 278
Student Bloggers 263
Programs & Pathways 262
School Improvement Plan 261
Community, Culture and Caring 209
Magic 173
About us 160
School Council Movie Night 149
Literacy 144
Questions from Elder’s Mills 108
Numeracy 94
Good News Assemblies 91
Fill someone’s bucket 90

Your contributions matter. Be it through your face-to-face work with us, a phone call, an e-mail, attending a school council meeting , by visiting our blog or by following our twitter feed your participation matters.  Whatever way works for you, your family’s commitments and individual circumstances, we welcome your involvement.

Three weeks, three months, three years. Time flies indeed.

Here’s to a great 2014.


Mr. Collins


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