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York Region Science and Tech Fair: Silver medal finalists!


On Saturday April 5, 2014, The York Region Science and Technology Fair took place at Stephen Lewis S.S for schools from across York Region for students in grades 7 through 12. There were amazing projects on a wide variety of topics.


We had two teams of grade 8 students participate. One team looked at “Mind Teaser or Mind Tweezer” with a hypothesis “does listening to your own choice of music affect your concentration?” This team then researched with other students on the possible effects.


scifair1Our second team looked at “Polystyrene: and you thought it couldn’t be used elsewhere”. This team’s hypothesis examined whether or not polystyrene could be remolded into other plastic and then reused as other material. We are thrilled to announce that this team won silver at the event! This team also helped to remind us of the links to our school’s work on Eco initiatives.

What was amazing throughout all of the projects was the students’ enthusiasm and passion for the topics they chose to explore. In front of us we saw students who spoke confidently about ideas, questions and research they themselves had conducted. All the students had a clear eye to the future in their work.

We thank Mrs Daryanani for her mentoring support and sponsorship of  our four students.

It was an inspiring afternoon.









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