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Dear Families,

Many of you are taking advantage of the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher on Thursday Nov. 13 or Friday Nov. 14. We encourage you to ask your child to participate by sharing their work samples, personal achievements and next steps.

Teachers have been working hard to engage our students in understanding what they are learning (sometimes called a learning goal) and how they will know if they have done a good job at a task (sometimes called the success criteria).

When students have an understanding of what they need to do to be successful, we create a target that they understand and can strive to reach.

You can support your child at home by reading with them daily and finding teachable moments in everyday life.  For example, cooking together teaches about liquids and solids, measurement of ingredients and procedural writing as you read a recipe.  A trip to the grocery store can teach about estimation, money values, list writing, cost per unit etc.  Please ask your child’s teacher how else you can create “teachable moments” in everyday activities.

As always, we appreciate your partnership as we ……  ???????????????????????????????????

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff if you have questions- at any time of the year.


M. Bongard


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