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Student Ambassadors – and their role at Lorna Jackson

Lorna Jackson Public School is very excited to now have Student Ambassadors at our school.  Our Student Ambassadors are part of The Culture Club and have volunteered to take on this role.

The purpose of our Ambassadors is to welcome and encourage new students when they arrive at our school.  Our Ambassadors have been trained to give newcomers a tour of our school.  They will inform students of the extra-curricular activities and events that we have at our school, explain some of our important school rules, introduce them to staff members, and provide them with any other information they might need to feel at home during their first couple of weeks at our school.

Students who come to Lorna Jackson may be from another school in York Region, from elsewhere in Ontario or Canada, or even from another country.  The support they will require will depend on where they are coming from.  Some of our Ambassadors speak a language other than English and, in some situations, will be able to assist by translating for the student.  Overall, the goal for our Ambassadors is to make new students feel welcome at Lorna Jackson and make their transition to our school a positive and happy experience.


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