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Dear LJPS Families, Welcome back to what promises to be an exciting academic year filled with opportunities for learning! A special welcome to all of our students who may be joining our Lorna Jackson PS family, and in particular, to our Junior Kindergarten students who are beginning their journey in learning. I hope that the summer was spent safely and provided many memories for years to come. We welcome Mr. Gregoriou and Ms. Pizzolon to LJPS. I feel privileged and blessed to be joining the LJPS community; my first week at Lorna has been amazing! Walking through the halls, and meeting the students makes me realize that this is such a welcoming community. I look forward to getting to know you all over the next few years; I would like to share with you my goals as an educational leader. I believe that education has as its aim the full development of the person, which responds to the right of every person to access knowledge. Lorna Jackson Public School is part of a very active and vibrant community where the love of learning can be found in our hallways, our classrooms and in our daily endeavours. Our school is served by extremely dedicated teachers and support staff who put the needs of every child first and truly believe in the potential of each and every child. The education of any child is indeed a cooperative endeavor. As parents, you are requested to be part of your child’s education. Research has indicated that there is a correlation between parental involvement and student learning, achievement and well-being. You are encouraged to ask questions about your child’s learning and to work collaboratively with your child’s teacher and school to ensure that your child is receiving the highest quality education. We look forward to continue working with you, your child’s ‘first teacher’, as we endeavor to provide a high quality education that supports the intellectual, emotional, social and physical capabilities of each individual to live fully today and to meet the challenges of the future, thus enriching the community. I wish our students and staff a very successful and productive year full of wonder and learning. Our collective goal in providing your child with the highest quality education is a privilege and one we hold very dear. I look forward to meeting with you at our meet and greet tea, and school council meeting next week . Moving, forward, future newsletters will be posted on our school blog. I look forward to a successful school year at LJPS. Angelina Faraone  Principal


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