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Lorna Jackson P.S. is proud to serve the community and engage its members. Together with our School Council and community members, we celebrate the rich diversity of our community, and we are committed to promoting a positive, caring and safe learning environment for all of our stakeholders. The rich diversity of our community helps to enrich all students by promoting an appreciation for diversity. Our dance-a-thon last month was an excellent example of our community pulling together for a common purpose and thanks to the generosity of our families and the great work of our school council members. Over $3000.00 was raised for school initiatives! Parents, we are partners in your child’s education. We ask that you help us to teach our children the importance of self regulation and responsibility. Arriving to school on time and prepared for learning is a student’s responsibility. We have a number of students that arrive late to school consistently—this impacts learning in a negative way. Please review with your child the need to arrive to school on time. This is part of their responsibilities as a student and learner. Many students are driven to school daily — I thank you all for respecting the signage outside as our loop is a one way driving area. Please remember that the area designated for the buses needs to remain clear at arrivals/dismissals as buses have the right of way during loading/unloading of students. Our bus drivers need to safely enter and exit the school parking lot. We thank you for your assistance and patience at these times. We will be off for the Easter break — we wish everyone a relaxing and restful long weekend and to those celebrating Easter, Happy Easter. Spring is finally here—enjoy the warmer weather. A. Faraone


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