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A Perfect Ten

This morning a team of volunteer parents helped prepare our gym for tonight’s anniversary event. Congratulations to them for their amazing work. Students and staff also contributed by creating class banners, centerpieces and artwork for the gym and hallways. The school looks beautiful! They have scored a perfect 10 for their hard work.

On behalf of the York Region District School Board, our staff, students and community we want to welcome everyone to our 10th Anniversary Evening on May 10, 2012. Some of you have been with our school community since our school opened in September 2002 while other families have just joined our school this year. No matter how long you and your family have been with us at Lorna Jackson P.S we thank you for your partnership with us and our school. Further, we look forward to the continued partnership, and work together, for the education of all of our students.

Gathering this evening helps us reflect on what we have achieved over the last ten years as a school. Our School Improvement Plan captures the goals we have set for this school year, but are certainly the result of work done over the past decade by all staff. Literacy remains a core focus area within a 21st century context for our students. We know the importance of numeracy for our students both in and outside of school. Our Positive Climates for Learning committee helps focus our work in the areas of Safe and Supportive Schools, Equitable and Inclusive Education, and Eco Schools. This program provides many more examples of who we are as school and what we have achieved together. A special recognition to our grade 8 students who are graduating this year, some of whom started with us in their first year of Junior Kindergarten. This is indeed an exciting time for them as they now prepare for their transition to high school.

Tonight, we have an opportunity to celebrate our journey, our work and our achievements together. Please enjoy time with friends, staff, colleagues and most of all, the children of Lorna Jackson P.S. We welcome back former staff and students tonight as well as our superintendents of education and our Chair and trustee Anna DeBartolo. Finally, we are very pleased to welcome members of the Jackson family here this evening.

We look forward to the next ten here at our school. Tonight, we also look forward to the chance to dream about the possibilities that await us.

Here’s to the journey.

Mr. Collins


10th Anniversary Reminder Notice

Thanks to our School Council for this reminder notice for our upcoming 10th Anniversary.

Please see

Reminder_Order Form(2)

for more information.

We look forward to seeing everyone on May 10, 2012.

Gathering Community

Congratulations are in order.

First off to our Positive Climates Committee for their work this week. The team has spent time reflecting on the student survey data gathered from last year together with feedback from staff and parents. Collectively they coordinated our Anti-Bullying Week’s activities this week. Students have had positive feedback on our guest speakers, announcements and activities throughout the week. Our community police officer wrote us to share her thanks and appreciation at our students’ and staff’s welcoming tone and participation. We know that anti-bullying is not about just one week’s worth of focus. Rather, it is about ongoing learning. It is about an ongoing commitment by each of us to develop a safe, supportive and caring school climate.

This leads me to our Parent Reaching Out Grant event that took place last night. Congratulations to our school council for organising an event that really provided us with rich information, an opportunity to dialogue and strategies on healthy eating and safety. We appreciate one parent who wrote us to share her appreciation and reflections on how we are working as a community for all of our students.

This week, we gathered at different times, in different venues, as different groups, for different purposes and yet, we were united in one way: we gathered as a community.

Further opportunities for us to work together as a community are coming.
We look forward to our Eco-Team’s events planned for the week of April 23, 2012 culminating in our Good News Assembly on April 27, 2012. Also on the horizon is our Tenth Anniversary on May 10, 2012.

We look forward to continuing to gather, talk, share, learn and grow as a school community.

10th Anniversary VoiceThread memory bank

In preparation for our 10th Anniversary we thought we would try something new to seek feedback from our community. I have been exploring an online sharing tool call VoiceThread. The program allows us to upload images, video and voice comments to the site. As viewers, you too can add comments by text, audio or even webcam video. We hope this will allow us to share some of our favorite memories from the past ten years. We are also interested to see if this tool is useful for us in other ways in the future.  All comments are public so please follow the guidelines established for our blog. Any students wishing to comment must have parental permission prior to posting.

Here’s to the celebration and sharing: