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Sea of Pink

A Sea of Pink

seaofpinkLorna Jackson Public School went PINK with excitement. On April 9th, the school community dressed in pink to show solidarity in their anti-bullying campaign. An assembly for students from kindergarten to grade 8, was led by the Positive Climates for Learning committee, discussing the importance of daily anti-bullying actions, such as being respectful, kind, and inclusive. The entire community then danced together to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, creating a sea of pink. Students and staff at Lorna Jackson will continue to come together as a community to stand up to bullying.


Three months

We have now completed our first three months of the school year and already have much to celebrate thanks to excellent focus and initiative by our students, staff and community, including:

welcoming our Elder’s Mills community to our team

The launch of our school touchstone

– Sharing a redesigned Learning Commons

Launching our Green Bin program through our school’s Eco Team

Implementing new technologies into our classrooms and classroom programs

Meeting with parents and guardians to review student’s Progress Report Cards

Our staff exploring professional learning in many ways

Starting to plan for the transition of our grade 8 students to high school

Starting our Roots of Empathy programs

Recognizing Bullying Awareness week

Starting our Healthy Snack program

We have developed a focused start in our classroom programs in the areas of academics, athletics and the arts.

We have had the chance to recognise the work of various employee groups at our school including: our Designated Early Childhood Educators, our care taking team, Educational Assistants and our Administrative Assistants.

Our staff have provided several student leadership and extra curricular opportunities such as our Cross Country Team, The sign language club, library and office helpers, the student Tech Team, our Eco team, Student Council, Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball, Floor Hockey intramurals, homework club, Lunch room helpers, and our Positive Climates for Learning Committee.

As school community we have given back through our Terry Fox Walk, The Count Me in Project, and our local food bank drive.

We also appreciate the work of our school council with our school this year. Their upcoming Dance-A-Thon will take place on December 13, 2013 and will surely be an enjoyable event. Remember that all parents and guardians are welcome to our meetings. Future meetings will be: January 14, 2014, February 20, 2014, April 22, 2014 and May 29, 2014.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Three short months…

remember when it was only 3 short weeks?

Remember when I asked us to write our story?

How do you think we have done so far?


Mr. Collins

Our November Good News Assembly

If you were unable to attend our Good News Assembly on Wednesday we wanted to share back some  highlights. On Wednesday we saw:

– Our Positive Climates for Learning Committee comprised of staff, students and parents share with us important messages about bullying including what bullying is, how people can help and what we need to do as a school when we see or hear it happening.

– Grade 2 and 3 students in Ms. Pece and Ms. Barnett’s classes shared a song they have been working on related to bullying prevention.

– Grade 1 and 2 students in Ms. Abalos’s class shared tableaux they made in drama class.

– Student Council shared their “Project Count Me In” initiative to raise money for the Philippines’ relief.

– Our Eco Team shared and updated and handed out the Golden Recycle Bin to Ms. Barnett’s class for a job well done.

– Ms Kapoor’s class shared an anti-bullying stop motion animation message.

– Ms. Shortill’s class earned the Golden Garbage Can for a job well done in keeping their classroom neat and tidy.

We thank our parents and guardians who could join us.

See you next month on December 19th at 1:45 p.m.

Bullying Awareness Week

November 17 – 23 marks the fourth annual Provincial Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week.  YRDSB schools are engaged in anti-bullying work throughout the school year.  This week however, our school has a specific focus on bullying prevention. I want to thank our Positive Climates for Learning Committee (that includes our Safe Schools Team) that includes students, staff and parent members, who have helped to shape the week’s events. Our work this week includes:

– Announcements from the team

– A poster contest that each class is participating in with key messages

– Work with York Region Police with an emphasis on cyberbullying

– sharing by classes at our Wednesday Good News Assembly with a focus on anti-bullying and inclusion

– work in individual classrooms to support student learning

Finally, our school touchstone continues to be a source of reflection including our focus area this month: we are respectful of others and of ourselves.

This week, your family will also receive copies of the YRDSB Anti-Bullying Strategy and the YRDSB Fair Notice Brochure that also support our work at our school.