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Equity and Inclusivity event

Through the Parents Reaching Out Grant from the Ministry of Education we are pleased to share with our school community information about an upcoming free presentation on April 19th, around Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity.  For more information please read the flyer.



School Improvement Plan

On the Professional Activity Days so far this year, our staff have worked on creating our School Plan for Improvement (SIP). On November 24, 2011, I wrote about how our board has also been working on improvement plans to guide our board forward in it’s work, including:

– Our trustees’ Multi-Year Plan

– Our Director, Ken Thurston‘s Annual Plan

– Our overall Board Improvement Plan

We arrived at this plan through our past work, current data on student achievement, board and Ministry of Education goals and feedback from staff, students and parents. For example, grade 5-8 students participated in a survey last fall that provided valuable data for the development of this plan. Student participation within the school also helped inform our goals and strategies here. Further, on November 30, 2011, I shared our initial plan with our school council and sought their feedback.

Now, we would like to share it with you here.

The plan is our guide for our work as a school this year. It is important to note that the SIP is not everything we do in the school; no single document can capture the scope of our work. Rather, the plan contains our focus areas for all of us to work collaboratively on throughout this school year. It is two pages and has the following key focus areas:

– Literacy

– Numeracy

– Community, Culture and Caring

– Equity and inclusive education

Within those foci, we have established three main goals:

The plan’s template is standardized throughout the board and mirrors the Board Improvement Plan in it’s layout. It outlines our plan, design and implementation strategies and a section for monitoring our work. The plan also contains hyperlinks within it to allow you to delve deeper into some of the strategies, resources, policies and procedures that guide our work. (note that a few links are accessible only by YRDSB staff).

Finally, it is important to know that the plan is not fixed. Rather, it is a living document. We need to refer back to it, assess it’s impact, modify it as necessary and allow it to evolve based on our feedback, successes and emerging school needs. It needs to be a working document.

We welcome your feedback either here on the blog, in person or at our next school council meeting.

The plan guides our work, but “the work” itself is what happens each day at Lorna Jackson.

We look forward to that journey together.


System wide parent survey

This is just a reminder of the system wide parent survey that is now available online.

Data collected through this survey will help inform the work we do, together.

System survey

Artists’ Studio

On October 24th, our staff will collaboratively work to review and redesign our School Improvement Plan. Our work will align to our Board’s Improvement Plan. One section of that plan discusses the need for us to “model higher order thinking and learning environments where digital literacy, inquiry and arts integration are used to engage students in cross curricular literacy learning.”

One of the things we’re excited about this year is the creation of an Arts’ Studio at our school. The intent of the space is very much to engage our students in thinking, designing and creating works in the Arts. Recently, I have been impressed with the work of the students and staff, including:

– Primary students exploring patterning and “realia” projects

– Primary and Junior students painting works inspired by Van Gogh

– Intermediate students creating works based on various textures, designs, lines and colours

We also would like to develop galleries of student work. To do this, we are hoping to acquire picture frames to hang student work in to display in our halls. This way, work will not only be displayed for students, staff and parents to see, but also for artists themselves to talk about during gallery walks.

You can help us out!

If you have picture frames in good shape but that you are looking at discarding, please let us know. Wooden frames that go around paintings are ideal. Any size will do, but medium-sized frames tend to work best. These will go a long way in building our own collection of art in our school.

Here is what we mean:

We look forward to future viewings after our Good News Assemblies.