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Three months

We have now completed our first three months of the school year and already have much to celebrate thanks to excellent focus and initiative by our students, staff and community, including:

welcoming our Elder’s Mills community to our team

The launch of our school touchstone

– Sharing a redesigned Learning Commons

Launching our Green Bin program through our school’s Eco Team

Implementing new technologies into our classrooms and classroom programs

Meeting with parents and guardians to review student’s Progress Report Cards

Our staff exploring professional learning in many ways

Starting to plan for the transition of our grade 8 students to high school

Starting our Roots of Empathy programs

Recognizing Bullying Awareness week

Starting our Healthy Snack program

We have developed a focused start in our classroom programs in the areas of academics, athletics and the arts.

We have had the chance to recognise the work of various employee groups at our school including: our Designated Early Childhood Educators, our care taking team, Educational Assistants and our Administrative Assistants.

Our staff have provided several student leadership and extra curricular opportunities such as our Cross Country Team, The sign language club, library and office helpers, the student Tech Team, our Eco team, Student Council, Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball, Floor Hockey intramurals, homework club, Lunch room helpers, and our Positive Climates for Learning Committee.

As school community we have given back through our Terry Fox Walk, The Count Me in Project, and our local food bank drive.

We also appreciate the work of our school council with our school this year. Their upcoming Dance-A-Thon will take place on December 13, 2013 and will surely be an enjoyable event. Remember that all parents and guardians are welcome to our meetings. Future meetings will be: January 14, 2014, February 20, 2014, April 22, 2014 and May 29, 2014.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Three short months…

remember when it was only 3 short weeks?

Remember when I asked us to write our story?

How do you think we have done so far?


Mr. Collins


Giving Thanks.

As the Thanksgiving long weekend approaches, we have much to be thankful for at our school. Now is a perfect time to take a moment to look back at the last six weeks and give thanks for:

  • Elder’s Mills students and families joining our team – what a great transition is has been.
  • Our staff for their fine work launching our school year.
  • Our students who have brought excitement, initiative, positive attitudes, spirit and focus to our school this year.
  • New staff including teachers, special education assistants, child and youth workers, lunch supervisors and our new vice-principal!
  • Our Terry Fox Walk in conjunction with Elder’s Mills P.S
  • The newly elected school council and their commitment to our school.
  • classroom programs up and running and showcasing a variety of talents, skills and strengths
  • opportunities above and beyond the classroom that enrich our students’ lives including: Cross Country, the Sign language club, lunchtime and office helpers, the student tech team, the Girls’ Volleyball team, our Eco-Team, our positive climates for learning committee, and our school book fair. We thank our staff for giving their time to make these opportunities happen.
  • A wonderful Meet the Staff event
  • The launch of our school touchstone

At the beginning of the school year, I wrote about our story. It is magical to watch that story unfold.

Will there be more celebrations?

For sure.

Be sure to join us for our Good News Assemblies; we think you’ll be impressed.

And finally, there is one last person to be thankful for: you. To our readers, parents and guardians who support our students and support the work we do with them, we thank you. We appreciate your partnership with us. It is a honour for us to work with all of you and your children each day; we are indeed thankful for that opportunity.

On behalf of all of school, we wish you and your family the very best for this long weekend. Please take time to be with friends and family.

Take time to give thanks for what is important for you.


Mr. Collins

Our school touchstone


Our touchstone to be displayed in our Learning Commons.

Welcome back to all of our students, staff and families. The new school year brings with it excitement and new learning. As a school community, we are excited to introduce our school touchstone that will very much help us to write our story this year as a school community. Our grand reveal today is the culmination of hard work that started last spring. During that time, we consulted with the students, staff and parents of both Lorna Jackson P.S and Elder’s Mills on what should be included in our touchstone.

Developing a common language of character and identifying the values and goals of a school community solidifies a school’s character initiative. When everyone — students, staff and parents– use the same words to describe behaviors and expectations, talking about how we interact becomes easier. A touchstone is a document which outlines these values, goals and behaviors.

This year, our touchstone will help us in our collaborative work together. The touchstone supports our board’s Safe and Caring Schools policy and it’s emphasis on Restorative Approaches. The touchstone complements our ongoing work in Positive Climates for Learning by providing all of us words to reflect on and draw upon in our work together. We have several ideas for supporting our staff, students and parents in learning about our touchstone and implementing it in our work this year. More to come.

Now, we are pleased to share our touchstone with you:

Lorna Jackson Touchstone

 Lorna Jackson is our home away from home; a family.

Aspiring to become the best we can be, we take risks to achieve our goals.

Not afraid to accept the challenge of the harder path, our setbacks drive us to seek success.

Thinking before we speak and act, we are respectful of others and of ourselves.

We are dedicated to our learning as it paints the picture that is our future.

We live our core values:




We are unique individuals working collaboratively, and working together is a process.

When one of us falls, others will surely be there.

We are devoted to the improvement of our community, helping those in need.

We are not bystanders; we stand together.

STINGERS soar high. 

On the doorstep of our school touchstone

We are most excited about tomorrow.

Tomorrow afternoon we welcome students from Elder’s Mills P.S to our school to meet us and help them learn more about our school. This will follow a morning session working with grade 7s from Elder’s and Lorna Jackson P.S to help draft our school touchstone. Over the past month we have collected data from our students, our staff and from our community. Our touchstone will build on our ongoing focus on Character Traits, equity and inclusivity.

Developing a common language of character and identifying the values and goals of a school community solidifies a school’s character initiative.  When everyone — students, staff and parents– use the same words to describe behaviours and expectations, talking about how we interact becomes easier.   A touchstone is a document which outlines these values, goals and behaviours.

Going through this process of identifying these core values unites a community around the way we believe people should behave, interact, and be.

Tomorrow, the exciting work begins on capturing what we value in our touchstone.

We can’t wait to share the results.

Mr. Collins