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Health and safety drill

To our community,

As part of our school’s health and safety procedures, our school completed it’s second planned lockdown drill today. We complete these drills as part of our ongoing work to support safe schools in our board and to practice what we need to do in emergency situations. Staff and students did an excellent job today following the procedures during our practice drill.

Mr. Collins and Ms. Bongard


Emergency Preparedness Week

Did you know that this week is our national Emergency Preparedness Week? Our federal government offers some tips for families throughout Canada on how to be better prepared in the event of an emergency.

This is also an ideal time for us as a school to review health and safety procedures. As such, this month our school will practice two drills as follows:

Lock down drill

In 2010, the Ministry of Education directed all school boards to develop Lock down procedures. These drills help us review our collective response to a threat to the school. While a sensitive topic, and drill, know that our staff have been preparing students in developmental and age appropriate ways.

Fire Drill

The Fire Code requires schools to practice fire drills at least six times a year. The drill allows us to review safety measures and assess our school’s evacuation procedures.We also work with our local fire department at times, to review our plan and receive their feedback.

We know this information needs to be taught to our children in both sensitive and developmentally appropriate ways. We thank you for your continued work with us, and our students, to help them be better prepared should an emergency occur. As always, we welcome your feedback if you have thoughts on this important collective work.

Mr. Collins & Ms. Bongard

Parking Lot Safety

To our community,

This winter has presented many challenges in terms of access to our site and parking lot due to weather conditions. We are experiencing more cars in our parking lot before and after school, than in the fall. As communicated previously, it is important we are careful when walking and driving on our school property.

Our school bus loop has been heavily used in the last few weeks. This is causing difficulties for our school buses to enter and exit our school property. Please ensure that you park your car only in designated parking lot spots (not the Kiss and Ride area, curbs, caretaker’s loading area or, parking in ways that block other vehicles). If you want to walk your child to the entry areas you must park your car in the parking lot spots. It is important that you do not park, or stop for extended amounts of time, in the kiss and ride area. If you are using the kiss and ride area please pull up, allow your child to exit your car and then drive away slowly. Otherwise, we do experience a back log of cars. Supervision begins at 8:30 a.m. at our school in the Kindergarten areas, bus loop and main yard. We recommend dropping your child off ahead of the 8:45 a.m. entry bell between 8:30 a.m. and 8:40 a.m. This also helps balance the amount of traffic in our parking lot. Further, the afternoon pick up time is also presenting challenges. Should the parking lot be full, we ask families to please use the street parking area located at the front of the school and to walk your child to that location.

We thank everyone for their ongoing help for everyone’s health and safety.

Mr. Collins & Ms. Bongard

Front Door Security update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This is a reminder that beginning Monday, February 3, 2014 our school doors, including the front door, will be locked 15 minutes after the morning bell rings.  The doors will remain locked for the rest of the school day. All visitors, including Board staff, parents and guardians, will be required to buzz in and sign in at the main office.

We recommend you child has all the items s/he need before the start of the school day including lunches. If you need to drop lunch off for your child, you will need to buzz in and sign in at our office. We are asking all parents or guardians to do so at 12:30 p.m., not earlier, to avoid having to wait to be buzzed into the school.

Our school continues to be a safe place where we welcome and encourage parent and community member involvement. This additional step will enhance the measures we already have in place for student and staff safety, and ensure that all visitors sign in at the main office.

If you have any questions, please contact myself or Ms. Bongard.


Mr. Collins & Ms. Bongard