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Reflecting, learning, sharing

On March 7, 2014, our staff engaged in a day of learning during our Professional Activity Day. The day was divided into three 100 minute learning blocks just like the students experience each day, but with a focus on our School Improvement Plan.P.A. Days are one of the many ways we engage in ongoing professional learning as a staff.


Our opening block provided us time to focus on mathematics. Our board has recently created a “Math Frame” whose components help to guide our overall work in numeracy, including: commitment, planning, assessment, engagement, instruction and relationships. We considered our own work within the frame and discussed next steps for us as a staff. We also had the opportunity to look at Ministry of Education research, including the article Supporting Numeracy: Building a Community of Practice.

Social Studies, History and Geography

In September 2014, our board will fully implement the revised Social Studies, History and Geography curriculum in our classrooms. We had the opportunity to examine what is new in the curriculum and compare it with our present work and understandings. The opening pages of the curriculum are interesting to explore as we did, particularly the concepts of disciplinary thinking (pg 13). We reflected on how inquiry based learning is an integral component of the curriculum. Our French teachers’ team was also able to spend time examining the recently revised French curriculum that has similarities as well.

staffartProvocations, art and inquiry

Our afternoon concluded with a very special session led by one of our Designated Early Childhood Educators Ms. Theis. She was able to guide us through various art experiences that allowed us to learn and explore visual arts. The session used “provocations” to get us thinking, reflecting and inquiry in variety of ways linked to variety of curricular areas. Ms. Theis has recently started a professional blog and her inaugural post was about our learning session in the afternoon. Be sure to have a look for more wonderful pictures from the session like the one on left side of this page.

I want to thank all of the staff who helped to facilitate the day of learning and to everyone for their participation throughout the day.

Reflecting, learning, sharing: we ask of it of our students and so too of ourselves.

We look forward to putting the learning into action in the coming months of school.


Mr. Collins


Family Literacy Night

Thank you to everyone who braved the winter weather and joined us for our Family Literacy Night on February 20, 2014. We want to thank our staff who helped plan and facilitate the evening. We are happy to share some resources from the evening including:

We appreciate everyone’s contributions to the evening.

Literacy as an authentic activity

Tomorrow night is our planned Family Literacy Night. We hope to see you there. One of the topics I will touch on in our opening sharing activity is how easy it is to find literacy in our every day lives. With reading for example, the Ministry of Education offers some strategies for parents of students in K-3 as well as 4-6. Both sites encourage us to find ways to “meet the child where they are”. Opportunities to read with your child, explore their interests, use opportunities like cooking to explore reading, and engaging in authentic opportunities to explore print, media, words, concepts and issues helps encourage and engage children in literacy.

Tomorrow is also an opportunity for us all to share authentic opportunities we have used as families to explore literacy.

No doubt, the examples will be plentiful.

Here’s to our collective sharing tomorrow.

Mr. Collins

One week to go

To our community,

We have one week to go until our Family Literacy Evening. Today, our school Leadership Team met to review the finishing touches on the evening. We think you are going to really enjoy what we have planned. The evening will begin at 6:30 p.m. in our school gym where I will start us off with a shared reading of a wonderful book called Questions, Questions. We will then break off into various locations throughout the school where staff will share with families different tips and strategies for you to consider with your own children. Our Learning Commons will also open it’s doors to allow families to see texts that are available for students to sign out. Don’t forget we also have a draw for special prizes.

Thank you to those families who have returned the sign up forms indicating that you will be attending – this really helps us to know our numbers for the evening.

We look forward to seeing our families next week.

Mr. Collins