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Because of…Part two

Last week, I asked us to reflect on how we could complete the sentence, we have achieved much, because of….

We are grateful to all of our staff at our school for the work they have done at the school this year. I thank them for their dedication and commitment to our school.  Because of our staff, we have achieved many things, including:

– A revised School Improvement Plan developed and implemented by our staff this year.

– Taking our newly designed Artists’ Studio to new heights this year.

– Developing several committees to support our School Improvement Plan such as our Positive Climates for Learning Committee, our Healthy Schools’ Committee & Eco Schools.

– Sharing in unique opportunities for parents to join in our work such as our Roots of Empathy program.

– Reaching out beyond our school in unique ways.

– Initiating special events such as Sea of Pink

– Engaging in professional learning in mathematics, inquiry based teaching & critical thinking.

– Giving back to our community graciously

– Organizing numerous extra curricular activities this year.

These highlights still don’t capture all of our daily work. For even more highlights, please take a look at our twitter feed which now archives over 400 tweets of our work this year.

Because of our staff, we have had another wonderful year.


Network Learning: Supporting each other

Our school belongs to a network of local schools that come together at least once a month to learn together. It is a powerful model which I admire because we move our thinking forward together in a shared and supportive learning environment. I also feel that it shows our students that adults also collaborate to learn together.

This year, we have explored a variety of topics that affect our schools and our work both in person and afterwards through e-mail. Our main focus this year has been critical thinking skills. Our work has just begun in this area and will continue next year. At one of those meetings, I had a discussion with the administration at Fossil Hill P.S. We talked about our blog and the impact it was having on communication between our school and our community. After some exploration of their own, their school recently launched their own school blog: http://fossil-hill.com/ . It looks great already and I am following it through an RRS feed because I know we will get great ideas from their students, staff and community members. In essence, we are exploring our key network goal of critically thinking about online communication and learning. Other schools have also expressed an interest in school blogs in our network. To me, this is the power of networked learning. It is not about keeping ideas hidden away, but bringing them out to explore, to question, to share and yes, even to critique.  One idea leads to another which is another powerful message:

TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.

Image used with permission under Creative Commons