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Good news assembly update

To our parents and guardians,

We are happy to announce that we have a lot of good news to celebrate on Friday. As such, we have moved our start time back to 2 p.m. this Friday December 16, 2011 for our Good News Assembly (instead of 2:20 as originally posted). Please sign in at the office and join us if you can.

“A Winter Solstice” play and choirs is tomorrow evening. Doors open at 6:30. The show begins at 7 p.m.




New Year – new frontiers = new learning

Hello and welcome to the blog for Lorna Jackson Public School located in Vaughan, Ontario – Canada and
part of the York Region District School Board. My name is Greg Collins, the principal of the school. I have started this blog with the hope that it will build connections between our community and the school. Rather than saying here’s where we’re going”, I am approaching this blog with the question of where can we go? I am curious to see if this technology can, in time, improve communications between our school and our community. We may be the the only school in YRDSB attempting a whole school blog at this point in time but if there are others out there by all means say hello! While blogs themselves are not new, as a school system we have just started to really explore them yet as a means of communicating. So, those of you who are experienced with blogs, please share your tips as we begin our journey. We are approaching this like we’re learning to swim; we won’t jump right in the deep end the first time, but rather get our feet wet, build our confidence and learn over time. With blogs, there is of course the option for the community to respond to posts. The potential for improved communication is definitely there, but so too are some grey areas that emerge. Consequently, here are some guidelines I would like us to use to help us wade out in the waters of the blogging world:

School Community issues

I believe strongly in ensuring we build a team at our school that develops a triad of staff, students and community working collaboratively. To that end, in the fall our school council set norms for our meetings one of which asked meeting to focus on issues that applied to the whole community as opposed to discussions focussed on individual teachers, classrooms, students or parents. I would ask that the discussions here also be focussed on key issues that we can discuss as a school community. This is not a forum to comment to or about individual teachers, students or  parents. Further, I would ask us to be mindful of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in our postings here. As principal of the school, I cannot approve any posts in violation of that Act or other YRDSB policies and procedures.

Our collective purpose

While blogs are wonderful places to chat informally for our school I would ask us to consider our ultimate goal: to improve the achievement, well being and success of each student at our school. I welcome our parents, community members and perhaps even members of the global community in the discussions towards that goal.

Modeling for children how to use social media

Finally, I would ask us to consider our posts in the context of modeling for our students how to conduct dialogue within social media in appropriate ways. Many of our students use social media each and every day. I hope they can join us here and contribute to the discussions. The comment box feature asks for your e-mail address which is not posted here, but used to confirm online identity. I would also ask that you indicate your name as e-mail addresses don’t necessarily match.

Here’s to a great new year and to new frontiers in our work together.

Mr. Collins