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New School Board Mission, Vision, Values and Slogan



Our school board is pleased to announce the launch of its New Mission, Vision, Values and Slogan

Mission: To advance student achievement and well-being through public education, which motivates learners, fosters inclusion, inspires innovation and builds community.

???????????????????????????????????The York Region District School Board is celebrating the launch of its new Mission, Vision and Values statements and slogan – Inspire Learning!

The Board last reviewed these statements in the late 1990s. Since that time, education in York Region has been influenced by a number of significant changes, including changes in technology, in our communities and in our learning environments.   Community members, parents/guardians, staff members and students had the opportunity to provide input and share ideas about the ideal future of public education in York Region. Thank you to everyone who participated in the process.

For more information, visit the Board website at http://www.yrdsb.ca.



Information item: General Interest Courses

General Interest Courses

YRDSB General Interest Courses have experienced a steady decline in client registrations for the past six years. As a result, YRDSB General Interest Courses have operated at a financial loss in 2011-12 and 2012-13. This information was brought forward and discussed at the Board Standing Committee Meeting on May 21. At the June 4, 2013 Board Meeting, the decision was made to discontinue General Interest Courses.

Thank you for your past support of YRDSB General Interest Courses,

Continuing Education Services

Mission, Vision and Values survey

We unite in our purpose to inspire and prepare learners for life in our changing world community.” – YRDSB Mission Statement

Our Board is proud of the Mission, Vision and Values statements that we have followed for the last 16 years which have outlined our core purposes and collective commitments to meet the needs of our students and communities. We are now preparing a review of our statements to ensure that we continue to be aligned with our current and future context.  The board is seeking input from a variety of stake holders such as school trustees, parents, staff and students.  Parents and guardians who are interested in giving their feedback are asked to access a short survey online at www.surveymonkey.com/s/yrdsbmvvsurvey2013. The survey will be available online until June 28, 2013.  Thank you for your involvement.

Parent workshop opportunity

Our board is pleased to offer parents an opportunity to hear Dr. Wendy Craig speak about Parents as Partners in Preventing Bullying – online and offline. If you are interested please see our board website for more information.

One of our staff members will be attending a session by Dr. Craig as well to support the work within our School Improvement Plan.