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Feedback for the Principal

Originally posted Feb 22, 2012

Feedback for the Principal

To the parent and guardian community of Lorna Jackson Public School

In December, you were asked to complete a system wide school climate survey. We anticipate the results of those surveys in March and look forward to reviewing the data collected. Similarly, I am seeking feedback specifically related to my work as a leader at the school. Attached is a survey for your consideration. The questions ultimately relate to our School Improvement Plan. This feedback is voluntary, but I do value your insights. I plan to use the information collected to help me reflect on the work I do at our school. I provided staff with similar questions earlier this year and will provide students an opportunity to offer their thoughts in March as well.

The survey is attached here for your reference.

You may submit your feedback in a number of ways:

–         Via this blog

–         Directly to me at Greg.Collins@yrdsb.edu.on.ca

–         Or anonymously by completing the survey and dropping it off in the envelope posted on our community board as you enter the building.

I appreciate your feedback.

Mr. Collins

Principal Lorna Jackson P.S


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