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This year on our twitter account, I started tweeting out with the sentence start “I am a proud principal because”

Here are some highlights…

– many “visits to the principal’s office” lately have been to share good work and good news stories.

– of student helpers who assist our Kindergarten aged students at recesses. Thank you for your initiative!

– of the positivity in our building this week. Go Jackson go!

– I see the hard work our leadership team has done in preparation for tomorrow’s P.A Day.

– I saw a student make a great choice today that showed self-regulation which has been a goal.

–  of wonderful sharing that occurred this morning with our staff.

–  I saw a student use his agenda independently today which is a goal he has been working on this year.

– 3 students just reminded of the power if inspiration through inquiry.

– of leaders in our school

–  our school council chairs work with us in a collaborative manner

– I see examples of collaborative, team efforts at our school

–  I saw a student help another student without any prompting. Character matters!

– I am watching students listen well and focus respectfully during a whole class sharing session now

And here are some other magical moments…

Well done to Track and Field participants today for your efforts!

A perfect 10! Hats off to the organizing committee for a wonderful 10th anniversary event on May 10, 2012. Here’s to the next 10 years!

Floor Hockey is well underway for our junior students. Go Jackson go!

Many students coming out for our Winter Walks of the local neighbourhood. Go Jackson go!

A wonderful start to our Primary/Junior Math club started recently and running Tuesdays at lunch. Lots of “thinking out loud”.

Way to go Lorna Jackson! Over 500 items of clothing donated by you for a local shelter.

Really enjoyed listening to intermediate  students construct ads and think about how to represent ideas via media.

Appreciated watching and hearing one of our community classes co-construct a story today using the Web 2.0 tool Storybird.

Awesome effort by grade 6, 7 and 8 students who raised over $850 for a charity. A great way to give back to our community.

Sea of Pink event in December was a great success; thank you to all participants.

“A Winter Solstice” student written play and performance with choirs was a great success!

“We did a lot of construction on that page” a comment from a junior level student while revising a piece of writing. Brilliant!

Congratulations to our Elementary Office Administrative Assistant who helped us sign off on our school ONSIS report – which verifies our school staff and student enrollment data to the Ministry of Education. A huge job!

Thanked the Primary Boys’ Social Leaders’ Group this week for their work. Looking forward to them applying their learning in during recesses this year.

Appreciation to the coaches and students for their hard work on our Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball teams this season.

Thanks to everyone for your work with us on Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews.

MacKenzie the Macaw visited this week and the students learned lots about birds through the questions they asked.

Terrific to hear the voices of our newly formed Primary, Junior and Intermediate choirs filling our halls today during practice.

Donated picture frames really making our student art work shine!

Bus Safety was today. The coordinator made a point of coming in and asking if we could do an announcement telling the school how impressed his team was with everyone’s behavior, attentive listening and participation.

Appreciated hearing Primary students problem solve math in groups today and then share their multiple strategies. “The power of the room IS the room”

Enjoyed seeing many of our grade 4-8 show perseverance as they trained for Cross Country the last few weeks. Congratulations to all our runners at our meet this week!

Having a primary student ask me “would you like to read with me?” always makes my day.

Great talk, questioning, strategizing and planning today with junior and intermediate students looking at data and graphing. In fact, it continued even after the lunch bell rang – that’s engagement!

Learned so much today from 3 dozen or so Kindergartners who were measuring shadows. Inquiry came alive on a fine, fall afternoon.

Greatly enjoyed hearing about grade 7 and 8 students’ interpretations of images through their writing and sharing today in class.

I appreciate one of our English Language Learners teaching me to say xin chào (hello) and tạm biệt (goodbye) in Vietnamese.

Well done to our Eco Team. Newly formed and working hard with our care taking team, they have already set up a recycling program at recesses.

Drama enthusiasts came out for our newly formed Drama Club this week. We look forward to the artistic work they will do this year.

And they’re off! Cross Country runners from grades 4-8 have been running well during recesses. We look forward to the Cross Country Meets in October. Go Jackson go!

Our new JK students deserve to take a bow for their first few days in our school showing their confidence!

Bravo to the Junior and Intermediate students who represented our school at our Area Track and Field meets.

Appreciation to a student who took the initiative to ask if she could sit with a student on the bus new to our school to make the student feel welcome. That’s how we build a positive, safe and supportive school community!

A month ago, I approached 3 intermediate dance groups who developed their own dances in their Phys. Ed classes to showcase their work at our Good News Assembly. A month ago, they respectfully said no because they didn’t feel their work was good enough. Today, they shared in front of the entire school. That, to me, exemplifies perseverance, initiative and courage.

We have had different casual teachers and Educational Assistants who have worked in our building at different points this year. This week, two of them came to me on two separate occasions to express how much they were made to feel welcome by our community and…how much they learned with the team of staff and students at Lorna Jackson.

Singers; dancers; martial artists; poets; musicians. Fantastic talent was demonstrated by our students at our Talent Show. It was a wonderful celebration of work that has been done both in and outside of our school.

Our community class students needed extra large T-shirts today to hold their many ribbons won at today’s spectacular area Track and Field meet. Way to go team!

Thumbs up to the Running Club who started today after school. Good to see so many students out for some healthy living activity.

The Dance Crew was practising at lunch today. What incredible progress they have made in a short time. Looking forward to their presentations at our upcoming assembly.

So proud of one of our grade 8 students for receiving a Student Success Award from our board. It is an honour for our school to have the student’s initiative, hard work and leadership acknowledged in this way. See details at http://www.yrdsb.edu.on.ca/page.cfm?id=BDS090062

Enjoyed hearing a grade 2 student share a class made book on polar bears today through research they had initiated.

A junior student shared with me today poetry she had written which she had never done before because “she was curious about how to write it”. I love it when we set conditions in our classrooms to allow for curiosity to flourish. The poems were beautiful and will be shared at our Good News Assembly next week.

Mardi Gras! French culture came alive Friday as our intermediate students celebrated their learning down our halls and in the library with masks, music and French fun.

Beans, seeds and seedlings. Many classes are exploring growth cycles throughout our school. Students are considering the optimal conditions for growing.

Our newly formed Dance Club began their planning today for their first act. We hope to have something ready for our next Good News Assembly.

Thank you to the Positive Climates committee who set up a “peace box” this week to help support students problem solve during recess times.

I appreciate moments when I see students and staff seeing what we “can” do in each other as opposed to what we “can’t” do. This is happening during recess, intramurals and class time through encouragement.

Amazing to watch primary students this week confidently selecting books for independent reading that, in the fall, they would have avoided, because they were too difficult.

Students busy painting.
Everyone focused.
The recess bell rings.
Artist in the School: “You can stay if you would like to keep painting”
A chorus of “YAY”s.

It was only one week, but there was lots of sharing and reflecting today on some busy March Breaks. There was a great feeling of reconnecting as a community today at Jackson on the first day back.

Our gym was full of people dancing the Macarena! Thanks to our School Council for hosting the Dance-A-Thon on March 4th.

Hats off to the boys basketball team for their great effort today. Well done too to the three coaches today whom I stood near but could barely hear their feedback to the Basketball team. The effects were soon evident. Feedback to students need not be bold and direct. Calm, focused and meaningful feedback made the difference today as the team ended up in first place overall.

Groups of students working together to solve math problems today. They had to talk about their work and come up with solutions that everyone could communicate. The process was as important as the answer.

The beautiful aroma of cinnamon filled the air in one Kindergarten room today as the students made cookies in the literacy kitchen. Meanwhile down the hall, another JK student took my order in the class restaurant. Rich language experiences were happening along with very professional service I might add.

Gears, clamps, ramps, levers and…lots of focused talk in a junior classroom today as they explored real life objects to determine their purpose and design features through scientific inquiry.

Beautiful winter scenes were being painted on canvas by students in our community class today. They were focused on mixing colours, perspective and use of light. Please let me know when you have the completed works up for display!

Grade 7 and 8 students are composing their own musical pieces and practicing them. Their individualised works, including a duet and trio were playing in our halls today.

There was a roar in our west hallway on Friday at lunch from our primary students cheering each other on in week one of the Primary Indoor Soccer Intramurals.

The school was warm and cozy today thanks to our Student Council and their organization of our Pajama Spirit Day! Way to go Jackson for showing your school spirit.

Our office had a visit from 25 “Cliffords” this morning as JK/SK students showed us their big red ears drawn from shoe prints and sang us a song.

During French classes this week, many students were creating “leur resolutions pour 2011” exploring which healthy living choices they can resolve to make this year. J’ai été impressionné par leurs efforts.

Grade 8 student: “Mr. Collins, I approached a teacher today about starting an Environmental Club and she agreed.”
Me: “You don’t see the ‘We Group’ as being able to do this?”
Grade 8 student: “No, the ‘We Group’ is for humanitarian efforts, and this group could focus solely on Eco issues facing our world”.
Students reflecting on environmentalism and humanitarian efforts. Pretty good for a Monday!

Junior level students discussed with me today how making “Text to Text” connections when reading makes them “think harder and deeper about what they have read now and in the past”. One student compared a picture book that had been read aloud with a movie he had seen. Clearly, they understand that “text” has multiple meanings.

Intermediate students were reflecting on societal issues, feelings and social concerns by interpreting various pieces of art today. The higher order thinking skills used during the group discussions were impressive.

Two students, who are English Language Learners, stayed in over two recesses because they wanted to write a letter to me. Here’s an excerpt “…today we are writing our stories. It was fun to write stories. We would like to show those to you when we are done. Would you like to read our stories?” I wrote back to say that I am looking forward to seeing the published writers and their published work next week.

Canada goes for gold Jan 5! I asked our students over the announcements today to reflect on what their Gold Medal moment of 2011 would be.

“Look Mr. Collins, we’re big writers now, we’re using lined paper”. JK student.


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