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A question often posed to children is “what do you want to be when you grow up”? This is a significant question and one that is multi-layered. From a societal perspective, it seems that earlier and earlier children are expected to think about their strengths, needs, career options, and “their future”.  Indeed, answering this question takes years. I so appreciate when I hear our own staff having discussions with our intermediate students to engage them in reflecting on who they are as learners.

One of the pillars of Student Success in Ontario is known as “Pathways”. In essence, there is more than one path to any destination in high school and beyond. This image alone helps alleviate some of the pressures our students may be feeling in making these decisions. Knowing that the path you start down today can in fact change later on is reassuring.  More Ways to Succeed in High School is a helpful guide that explores the different options or paths available to all students in high school. You too play a key role in those discussions. We need to be able to ask our students to reflect on themselves as learners, specifically:

–          What type of learners are they? What are their skills, goals, needs and preferred learning style(s)

–          What are the students’ interests? What are they passionate about and excited about when it comes to learning?

Both sets of questions as equally important. While we often focus on the academic skills of our students, their interests are also an important part of the equation. From these questions, we then need to consider which high school courses are appropriate for them. Our students will be taught how to use the online program Career Cruising to make their course selections for September 2014.  From those courses, the students can then gain the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to make the transition from secondary school to their chosen post secondary destination.


One response to “Programs & Pathways

  1. Fay Ubriaco January 11, 2011 at 12:07 am

    Fantastic blog site! You really feel connected to the students, their learning and what’s happening at school.
    I love the Magical learning moments section. It’s so nice to read comments coming from the students.

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