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Welcome to the student blogger section of our site. Throughout the year, the team will publish articles they research and write for our blog. Students work in teams and edit pieces collaboratively with myself prior to publication. Parental permission was obtained prior to all publications.

April 2013

Healthy Graffiti

Hello everyone. Today we are going to talk to you about a new and exciting project that Room 214 (Grade 5/6) is working on in art and health. We are making graffiti health posters. This ties in with art because of the graffiti and with health because we have a choice to explore emotional health, physical activities, or healthy eating. We started this project on March 30 2013 and it is due at the end of April. We are doing this project to inform people of how these types of activities can change their lives and help them to be more successful and productive. We will identify information on physical, emotional, or healthy eating and give facts about it. Room 214 is really excited about this project and cannot wait to learn from each others projects.

F & Y

Lorna Jackson Starts it’s OWN March Madness  Tournament


As of Monday, March 25th, 2013, the students of Mrs. Heap’s seventh grade class began a ‘’March Madness’’ tournament as one of their final tasks in their basketball unit. Based on the NBA tournament of the same name, which started on March 19th 2013 and ended on April 8th 2013. Seventh, eight and primary Phys. Ed teacher Mr. Shortill took four of the teams participating in the event names and assigned each group a different name.

The four group names and pinny colours are; North Carolina in red, Michigan in yellow, Duke in blue and black, and Kentucky with no pinnies. Mr. Shortill stated that he would only call out obvious fouls during games and let little ones slip because some students aren’t as experienced as others. The main purpose of the tournament is that students would compete against one another for a shot at the Shortill Cup; a trophy awarded to whichever team wins the finals in a tournament. The cup would be evenly distributed to each team member. This tournament also gives Mr. Shortill the opportunity to evaluate students based on their basketball skills, knowledge and participation making it a win-win situation for both sides of the story.

The team schedules and matches were posted on the gym wall with the post games, soon adding the semi-finals and finals. The first match in the Round Robin game was between Duke and North Carolina, ending with Duke winning 4-0. The second round, with Michigan versus Kentucky ended in Kentucky winning 0-4. Next gym class, the round robin second and third games were combined to form one long game. The first two matches had North Carolina and Kentucky going head to head against each other to have Kentucky win in the end by a close shave; 6-8 and Duke to win over Michigan by 6-0 in the second match. In the second round, Kentucky went up against Duke, with Duke winning by 2-5. North Carolina went against Michigan in the next round and won by 2-0. The results of the Round Robin were calculated and here are the scores; Duke in first place, Kentucky in second, North Carolina in third and Michigan in last place. However Mr. Shortill said to consider the Round Robin games as ‘’practice’’ and how the semi-finals and finals determined our final ranking.

Later on, in the semi-finals the matches were; Duke vs. Michigan, which ended in Duke winning and moving on to the finals, leaving Michigan to battle for third place. The next match was between North Carolina and Kentucky, in which Kentucky won and advanced to the finals to verse Duke head to head for first place, making North Carolina Michigan’s opponents for third place. The first match was for third place in which Michigan won. This surprised everyone because Michigan had been on a losing strike and lost all their matches. This just goes to show everyone that anything is possible and every member of Michigan can confirm that. The next match was quite intense, having ties throughout the progress of the game. Toward the last few minutes, everyone played to the best of their abilities. However in the end the team that won the Shortill cup was none other then Duke. Embracing in a group victory dance, Duke was overjoyed to have won the Shortill cup in the end after weeks of games and matches.  However there was no envy towards any team and there was a great deal of sportsmanship as well.  In the end, everyone left the gym with smiles on their faces, unable to wait for the next tournament, as everyone knew that winning isn’t everything and there was always next time.

March Movie Night

My school just had a movie night in March. This night began by Mr. Collins posting 3 movie choices to vote for. The movies were: Hotel of Transavania, The Lorax, and Wreak it Ralph. Mr. Collins tallied the votes and Wreck It Ralph won! Almost the entire school voted. The movie night was on March 28 2013. It was a great success!  They were also selling popcorn and water for just $1.oo.  Everyone had a blast and I think everyone really enjoyed the movie. I want to say a big thanks to you people who voted for Wreak It Ralph and for those who showed their spirit. Let’s keep the good times coming Lorna Jackson Public School!


June 2012

One of our junior teachers has had her class exploring poetry this month. The students then reflected on what makes a poem a poem and wanted to share their thinking:

What makes a poem a poem? 

I think what makes a poem is that it has rhymes like fox, socks, and box or cat, fat and rat. All poems have creativity and imagination. If they didn’t have these two things poems would not be fun.The last thing that I think makes a poem a poem is the topic. The topic should be interesting because if it is, you might be inspired to write a poem of your own. This is what makes a poem a poem.

Poetry is how someone expresses him/herself with words. There are many different types of poetry such as a sonnet or limerick. You can also turn a rap into a poem. Examples of poets are:  Shel Silverstein, Dr.Seuss, Edgar Allen Poe, Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson. Poetry has also been around for a very long time.

A poem has some beat and it also has a certain way of rhyming. A poem is different from a story because a story has no way of rhyming and has no beat to it. A poem also has a lot of emphasis to it. For example:

I am writing a poem. (Bold words emphasized)

So now we will ask the question to you: What do you think makes a poem a poem? Feel free to join our discussion and comment. We would love to hear what you have to say. Thank you!

May 2012

Appreciation to one of our student bloggers for this article on Earth Hour events last month

Earth Hour Vaughan 2012

Earth hour is a global movement that brings awareness that we care about our planet and can play a part to save it.

On the evening of Saturday March 31, 2012,  residents of our community came together at the new Vaughan City Hall to show the world that we care about our planet by turning off their lights and participating in a lantern walk.  The city did its part by turning off the lights at City Hall as well as the Clock Tower to save energy.

The evening provided the opportunity to come together as a community and take a walk through historical Maple.  I had the pleasure of joining members of the Lorna Jackson Eco Team as well as Club leader. During the walk we passed a historic church called St. Andrews Presbyterian Church built in 1862 – that’s 5 years before Canada’s confederation. This was the midpoint of our walk where refreshments like hot chocolate and apple cider were served to those who brought their own mugs/cups – to help reduce on waste.

After the walk we returned to City Hall, where we watched eco presentations, enjoyed more refreshments and a raffle took place.  3 families won passes to the Kortright Conservation Centre!

There was a great turnout and everyone who came enjoyed themselves. We hope to see more members of our community participating at next year’s even

March 2012

Giving Back

As a school community, the 2011-2012 school fund raising efforts started on September 23, 2011 by showing our school spirit by participating in our annual Terry Fox walk/run. This year, our school incredibly raised over 1000 dollars. Well-done Stingers! The hats mittens and scarves drive was a great success as well. This year we received a special request from Leeder Place: they needed more socks. Our Christmas tree was full of donations from our students and their families.  Later this year we had great success during our Sick Kids coin drive; we raised over $500! We have made incredible progress compared to the total we raised for this occasion last year.

Fund raising Efforts in the 2011-2012 School Year

The 2011-2012 school year started off with our fund raising efforts on September 23, 2011, showing our school spirit by participating in our annual Terry Fox walk. This year, our school incredibly raised over 1000 dollars! Well-done Stingers! The hats mittens and scarves drive was a great success as well! Our Christmas tree was full of donations from our students and their families. But this year we received a special request from Leeder Place: they needed more socks. We received many donations. Thank you to all of the families that donated! Later this year we had great success during our sick kids coin drive! Here we raised over $500! This was incredible progress compared to the total we raised for this occasion last year.

Sick kids’ coin drive fundraising statistics at our school

2010-2011 school year $300*
2011-2012 school year $500

February 2012

Witty Wordsmiths

I want to thank a group of primary and junior students who wrote me recently to share some Tongue Twisters they have developed in their classroom. The students have been examining language, sounds and word choice in their writing. One student writes “they are so funny because you mess up on the words”. Indeed, I appreciate how they have explored vocabulary, sounds and sentence structures through these creative and lighthearted works. Feel free to write back to the authors through the comment feature box at the bottom of this message. We hope you enjoy.

Pit-bull was patting a pet, then a person was patting pit-bull’s head, then the person was patting the pet.

Baby Brock bubbled brilliantly down the basketball court.

Raccoon Rashin saw a rat. He ran because he was scared of the rat. Then he saw more rats. He ran to Russia.

A monster alien monkey made a long movie and it took a lot of money. 

  Leisha and Lively ran away from the big bad lion. 

Retro was fighting a rhino and the rhino ran away.

 A shark saw a water snake and a water snake saw a seal and they screamed.

Pitbull was picking pickles while he was playing the piano.

Dog dug in the dirt for dinner and he liked the delicious doughnut.

Baby Ben burned his bone. 

 Peter picked peppers from the jar.

Lilly leaped across the lake and found a lollypop and licked it. 

 The pets were having a party.

The person said, “What’s going on here?”

The pets said, “We are partying! So get out of here.”

The person panicked and ran away.

The pets were partying with the person and the person patted the pets. Then the pets pranked the person and they partied without the person.


Lorna Jackson Public School’s spirit week was a great success! The whole school showed great spirit by participating in multiple events that took place from December 19th to 23rd 2011.

We kicked off the week with hat day where students and staff showed up in their funniest and silliest hats! The second day was crazy hair day. Students came to school sporting many different and “unique” hair styles! This event was followed by Hawaiian day. Even though it was snowing outside, Lorna Jackson P.S. managed to put the summer back into winter by wearing colourful leis, Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts! From Hawaiian day we moved to red, white and green day. Everyone wore the three “Christmas colours”. And last but not least, our sea of pink day, a day to support anti bullying. Lorna Jackson’s goal is to become a bully free school. An assembly was held to promote anti-bullying and show the impact of bullying on people.  During Spirit Week, the school also raised an outstanding number of food bank donations for the Vaughan food bank. Everyday two members of the student council came around to each classroom to count the number of people participating in these events. At the end of the week the three classes with the most student participation won exciting prizes!

Great job Lorna Jackson! Keep up the Great Spirit!

Eco Team

The 20-30 members of the Eco team have made a huge difference to our school, Lorna Jackson P.S. since October 2011. They are working on a project that is guaranteed to help our school become more eco friendly. This project of theirs shows a lot of responsibility and initiative. Everyday at lunch recess 2 students go to a classroom and check if the recycling is in the recycling bin and if the garbage is in the garbage can. Whichever class has the garbage and recycling in the proper bins the most days, gets the golden recycling bin in the next assembly that happen at the end of each month. Every month the golden recycling bin is handed to a different class. There’s also another project they’re working on about lights. It’s the same process except this time they check if the lights are off if no one’s using them or if they turned off at least one light. So far they’re doing a great job with checking the classrooms every day. The Eco team is hoping to keep up the good work all throughout the year. You can also help out by doing your best to put the garbage and recycling in the right bin. GO ECO TEAM!!!

January 2012

In December, our school began a donation drive for a local community shelter.

We are pleased to offer this update from some of our students:

“This year’s Hats, Mitts and Scarves, Drive has been a HUGE success. In addition to the usual hats, mitts and scarves, we added socks to this year’s drive. We received over 500 donations, which is an amazing improvement from last year’s 120 donations. There were 250 donations in socks alone. We had a great time collecting these donations with the hope that we could make a difference in the lives of many families in need! Thanks to everyone who donated. Your donations will be greatly appreciated. “

In addition, our staff donated over 100 items as well. I thank the students, staff and parents who helped make this donation drive such a success. Bravo to all!

March 2011

Mural Project

Ever wonder how artistic the students of Lorna Jackson are? Well now it’s time I tell you the answer. Last week Lorna Jackson had an art program. Everyone painted a tile about one of the ten character traits in school which are respect, responsibility, courage, perseverance, integrity, empathy, initiative,  fairness, honesty and optimism. The art program was led by an art teacher named Shawna and her friend Mike. According to Shawna her friend Mike was only supposed to stay for a day to measure the walls for the tiles, but he had so much fun here he stayed for a week. Everyone cooperated and showed positive attitude towards painting. Everyone had fun. Every grade and even the staff participated. Shawna likes to teach her way. Her whole idea is to build self esteem with art for students.

Feb 2011 – Together We’re Better

“Together We’re Better” is a club run by students and teachers to promote initiatives related to anti-bullying and to celebrate our differences. This club was created to put an end to bullying in our schools and create a community of mutual respect and inclusion. Every school in York Region is now required to have a committee that is called “Positive climates for learning”. Now at our school we have created a team called “Together We’re Better” We also have an annual conference in York Region called “Together we’re better”. At the conference, grades 7’s and 8’s from different schools come together to share their differences and do some activities in different workshops. Hopefully, this club can be a source of change in our school. And let’s all keep our hopes up that this club can be the change in our world!

Watch out for these upcoming initiatives:

  1. Together We’re Better Conference for Students
  2. Spirit Days
  3. A Multicultural Event


            The Sign Language Club is an immensely popular club taught by a Lorna Jackson teacher. This club was brought to us from past experiences, so it would be a unique, different opportunity for students in grades, 3, 4, and 5 classes to participate in. There are approximately 25 students involved. Students in the club are currently learning the alphabet and work – in – school related signs. In fact, some of the students have actually been doing the signs for the Canadian anthem every morning. Great work! They are working so hard, and have actually been teaching the signs to other students not in the club. The Sign Language Club students also came up with a whole list of things they would like to learn. This amazing club happens every Friday at lunch recess. Their goal is working towards a performance at the end of the year during our good news assembly.

January 2011

Reflections of the 2010-2011 Junior Volleyball Team 

On December 7th 2010 the Lorna Jackson Stingers formed a junior volleyball team. There were 12 people on the team. When the coaches were asked what they were looking for at the tryouts, they said “We were looking for people who cold move well, and could work well with others.” Our practices were helpful to many players and the coaches agree that the team improved a lot.

At the friendly game at Forest Run P.S. on January 6th 2011, the team did well and the coaches thought likewise. They were glad to see that the moves that we worked on were being used but they also thought that we could still have improved. Soon enough January 18th, the day of the area tournament at our school arrived. After the round robin, the Lorna Jackson Stingers were in first place! After the game the coaches said, “They did excellent.” Overall the coaches said that the team did an outstanding job, the only feedback that they had was that they could have stayed as focused all day through.



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  1. G.S November 4, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    hi i am a student from lorna jackson and i was wondering if we could have soccer this year for grade 7 and 8s, because this school can make a difference to those who love soccer.

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