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Welcome to the Artists’ Studio

On October 24th 2011, our staff collaboratively reviewed and redesigned our School Improvement Plan. Our work aims to align to our Board’s Improvement Plan. One section of that plan discusses the need for us to “model higher order thinking and learning environments where digital literacy, inquiry and arts integration are used to engage students in cross curricular literacy learning.”

Our school has explored the arts in a variety of ways over the past year including:

– Primary students exploring patterning and “realia” projects

– Primary and Junior students painting works inspired by Van Gogh

– Intermediate students creating works based on various textures, designs, lines and colours

We also would like to develop galleries of student work. To do this, we are hoping to acquire picture frames to hang student work in to display in our halls. This way, work will not only be displayed for students, staff and parents to see, but also for artists themselves to talk about during gallery walks.

You can help us out!

If you have picture frames in good shape but that you are looking at discarding, please let us know. Wooden frames that go around paintings are ideal. Any size will do, but medium-sized frames tend to work best. These will go a long way in building our own collection of art in our school.

Here is what we mean:

Exploration of colour wheels through drawings – Intermediate students

Tile Mosaics


Starry Nights

Grade 3 & 4 students interpretations of Van Gogh

Medium: Pastel

Kindergarten Observations Paintings

JK/SK paintings through exploration,

touch, sight, smell and sound

Medium: Wax Crayon and Watercolour

A Matter of Perspective

Our intermediates are learning the following concepts:

line: lines for expressive purposes; diagonal and converging lines to create depth of space
• shape and form: various shapes and forms, symbols, icons, logos, radial balance
• space: use of blue or complementary colours in shadows and shading to create depth; one- and twopoint
• value: shading (e.g., modulation, scumbling, stippling)

and are learning the following
Students will develop understanding of all principles of design (that is, contrast, repetition and rhythm,
variety, emphasis, proportion, balance, unity and harmony, and movement), but the focus in Grade 7 will
be on unity and harmony.
• unity and harmony: radial balance (e.g., a mandala); similarity (e.g., consistency and completeness
through repetition of colours, shapes, values, textures, or lines); continuity (e.g., treatment of different
elements in a similar manner); alignment (e.g., arrangement of shapes to follow an implied axis);
proximity (e.g., grouping of related items together)Pencil and shading

Below are their perspective works using pencil and shading


Together Celebrating Outwards: A school tile project

Kindergarten to Grade 8 & Staff: acrylic paint on ceramic tile.

This allowed us to come together as a community to share individual representations of the Board’s Character Traits.

March 2011


Piet Mondrian paintings

Kindergarten Students: Paint using primary colours within lines as per Mondrian’s syle

The initial lesson then inspired the children. They said to the teacher and ECE that they wanted to use wavy and curved lines to design their own works as follows:


Animals in Watercolour

Primary students. Watercolour paints using representational and nonrepresentational colours.

Primary, Junior and intermediate Community Class students.

Flower mosaics and spring scenes and images with poems to complement.

Medium – cut paper

Primary/Junior masks – various media


2 responses to “Arts

  1. Doug Inglis January 18, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    Hello Staff and Students of Lorna Jackson P.S.,

    I am a former teacher at your school (2002 -2005), and I am very impressed with the wonderful integration of literacy, character, art, and technology at the school these days, as shown on your school website. Keep up the amazing work!

    Doug Inglis
    Redstone Public School

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